Orlando Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Every day in the United States, approximately twelve pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents, and dozens more are injured. That puts everyone at risk, because everyone is a pedestrian. If you sustain a personal injury as a pedestrian in the Orlando area because a car, bus, or truck driver was negligent – or even a motorcyclist, a bicyclist, or a skateboarder – under Florida’s personal injury law, you are entitled to full compensation for all of your medical treatment, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. However, your “entitlement” does not mean that you are automatically compensated. You’ll have to prove that you were injured, and in the Orlando area, you’ll need the help of the Horst Law Firm and experienced Orlando pedestrian accident lawyer Robert J. Horst.


The negligent driving behaviors that lead to pedestrian traffic accidents include speeding, failure to yield, failure to brake, texting, and driving under the influence. Traffic incidents involving pedestrians can result in devastating personal injuries including head, neck, brain, and back injuries; paralysis; nerve damage; and lost limbs. You can be an innocent bystander minding your own business and become a pedestrian traffic accident victim. If you’re injured as a pedestrian because a driver was negligent, put experienced Orlando pedestrian accident lawyer Robert J. Horst on the case immediately. He can explain your rights and options, gather evidence and question witnesses on your behalf, and he can advocate aggressively for every cent of the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been catastrophically injured, you’ll need the maximum available compensation to cover long-term or life-long rehabilitation and care.

Orlando Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


Almost anyone, at almost any time, can become a pedestrian accident victim requiring the advice and services of a personal injury lawyer. When you need an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney to help you win compensation for your injuries, you’ll also want an injury attorney who provides frank legal advice tailored to your specific situation and needs. Attorney Robert J. Horst represents pedestrian injury victims who are seeking justice in the Orlando area, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and throughout central Florida. Contact experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer Robert J. Horst by phone at 407-601-3999, or complete the online intake form here on our website. If you have been injured as a pedestrian by someone else’s negligence in central Florida, don’t wait any longer to make the call.