Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycling accidents are almost always devastating, and the injuries sustained in those traffic accidents are frequently catastrophic. As the victim of another driver’s carelessness, you are entitled in Florida to full compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, and all other injury-related expenses. Still, you must have a good personal injury attorney fighting on your behalf. Experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney Robert J. Horst represents motorcycle accident injury victims in the Orlando area and throughout central Florida. He advocates tirelessly for the compensation that his clients need and for the justice that they deserve.


Motorcycle accidents are more challenging to reconstruct than car accidents. Motorcycles leave no broken glass and not much in the way of skid marks, so determining what happened in a motorcycle accident can take genuine investigative skills. Witnesses don’t remember everything, and accident reports may lack details or be completely inaccurate. Experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney Robert J. Horst knows that motorcycle accident cases are difficult. In some situations, the Horst Law Firm may employ an accident reconstruction specialist to evaluate the accident site, the vehicle damages, and other pertinent details to determine the exact reason behind your accident and injury. Orlando accident lawyer Robert J. Horst represents motorcycle accident victims who have sustained spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, fractures, broken bones, internal injuries, and limb injuries leading to amputation. He will aggressively fight for the resources you’ll need after a serious motorcycling injury.

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Accident attorney Robert J. Horst is dedicated to helping you move forward constructively with your life after a serious motorcycle injury. When you need an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney to help you resolve complicated legal matters, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer who also provides sound legal advice tailored to your specific problems and goals. Attorney Robert J. Horst represents motorcycle accident victims who file personal injury claims in Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and throughout central Florida. Contact experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer Robert J. Horst by phone at 407-601-3999, or complete the online intake form here on our website. If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence in a motorcycle crash in the greater Orlando area, and if you are considering a personal injury claim, don’t wait to make the call.