Catastrophic Injury Definition

Uncategorized | May 31, 2019 by Robert Horst

Catastrophic Injury Definition   Despite the pain you may feel after an accident has occurred, a catastrophic injury is categorized higher than other injuries. The reason is based on your…

Drowsy Driving

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Drowsy Driving Driving drowsy doesn’t always result in falling asleep at the wheel, although that is a common danger. It can also mean simply feeling tired enough that your driving…

Uber Accidents: Who is Liable?

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 25, 2019 by Robert Horst
uber accidents

Many people enjoy using ride share services because it is a cheap and convenient means of travel. However, accidents do happen. If you are riding in an Uber and an…

Involved in an Accident While on Vacation in Florida? How We Can Help You!

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florida vacation

Orlando is a vacation destination for people across the globe. You’ve earned and planned your vacation, and you certainly didn’t expect to suffer a broken leg in a car accident.…

Why Lane Change Car Accidents are so Common

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 10, 2019 by Robert Horst
lane change car accident

Why Lane Change Car Accidents are so Common According to the latest statistics, reckless driving causes 33 percent of all car accidents, of which unsafe lane changes comprise a large…

Eating and Driving: Driver Safety

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 09, 2019 by Robert Horst
eating and driving

Eating and Driving: Driver Safety According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eating while driving makes you 80 percent more likely to be involved in an accident. Additionally, 65…

Pedestrian Safety: Walking while Distracted

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pedestrian accident attorney

Pedestrian Safety: Walking while Distracted In today’s world, looking at one’s smartphone or having your mind on other matters is very common. As a result, you can become distracted while…

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Elder Abuse,Uncategorized | Jan 07, 2019 by Robert Horst
nursing home abuse

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Elderly people are often frail and cannot defend themselves against neglect, financial exploitation and abuse. In some cases, their claims of being mistreated may be…

Infographic – 7 Tips For Preventing Burn Injuries

Uncategorized | Aug 15, 2016 by Robert Horst
Burn Injuries

Nothing is more physically and financially damaging than burns, according to our product liability lawyers. Electrical, chemical, and thermal burns are often preventable. A little precaution can save your property and maybe even…


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crash accident

Since the beginning of 2016, there have been nearly 8,000 traffic related accidents in Orange County. This infographic shows in chilling detail the devastation that these accidents cause. From property damage…